Monday, April 30, 2012

A Dental Expert Witness Can Help Establish the Duty of Care

As in any legal case, an expert witness service can help provide you with the right type of testimony that can support your claim. When a medical issue is involved, using a medical expert witness can help simplify complex issues for both you and a jury to understand. A medical expert can also help you assess the quality of your case before it even goes to trial and the value of the claim if one does exist. If the medical issue at hand is related to a dentist's work, then you can benefit from the advice from a dental expert witness.

One of the threshold issues medical expert witnesses can help you resolve is identifying whether the dentist in question has violated the duty of care owed the patient. Many dental malpractice claims never go before a judge because the medical expert can establish that any duty of care was breached.

Often, dental malpractice claims are based on a patient's dissatisfaction with the outcome of a procedure, which is a very different issue from malpractice. Any quality expert can help you distinguish between dissatisfaction and a failure of care.

In the scheme of these types of claims, there are four basic areas in which a dentist has a duty of care. These areas are general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ therapy, and implant dentistry.

In general dentistry, a dentist owes a patient care that is reasonably prudent and would be expected of any dentist under similar circumstances. The same standard applies to cosmetic dentistry since it is not considered a sub-specialty by the profession.

Implant dentistry is likewise not yet considered a recognized sub-specialty, but it has been acknowledged that special training is required. So if the malpractice claim is based on a implant dentistry procedure, you will want to know about the specific training and practice background of the dentist in question.

TMJ therapy, designed to address Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems can sit between the reasonably prudent duty of general dentistry and some showing of expertise as with implant dentistry. While also not considered a sub-speciality, TMJ therapy can be complex and many dentists can make wild claims about their ability to resolve this issue. So a dental expert witness will usually explore the specific claims and practical results of the dentist mentioned in the claim to assess whether the duty of care was violated.

Assuming the dental expert witness can establish for a claimant that a dentist did in fact breach the duty of care owed the patient, the next step is to help the attorney quantify the claim. Very few dental medical malpractice claims ever actually result in an award to the patient, so you can use help to assess whether the potential award for the breach of care is worthwhile relative to the legal expenses.

Any physician expert witness should be prepared to address and be well experienced to handle both duty of care you should have received from your dentist relative to the service you were provided as well as the size of award you might reasonably expect. So discuss both needs with any dental expert witness with whom you meet.

expert witness legal firm providing case evaluations and expert reports. Call us today.

expert witness legal firm providing case evaluations and expert reports. Call us today.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dental Expert Witness Can Make a Difference in a Lawsuit

A dental expert witness is a professional who is hired by either an attorney or client to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his or her client's lawsuit. These experts have many years of practice in dentistry, may be specialized and have often worked as one for many years. To find a dentist to evaluate the case you must find one that offers an expert witness service.

A witness of this type will be needed if a person is suing another individual for dental-related injuries. This type of witness may be involved in a dental malpractice case. A dental malpractice case involves a claim that another professional failed to perform according to accepted standard and that failure led to injuries.

The purpose of retaining a witness is to have another professional render an opinion as to whether the dental injury suffered was in fact caused by a professional in the field and/or by another injury and to provide information on the extent of the injury that was sustained.

These witnesses are hired to provide an opinion. The goal is to make a case against the wrongdoer. To begin with most of these experts provide a written opinion. The opinion is based upon information that he or she is provided by the plaintiff's attorney. Typically, the witness will review x-rays, dental records and may even examine the subject patient. After reviewing the record, he or she will provide a written opinion to the lawyer who is handling the case. This written opinion can be used by the plaintiff's lawyer to attempt to settle the case out of court. If the case does not settle, the written opinion will be useful in court as well. Should the case go to trial he or she may need to appear in court and give testimony. All testimony will be based upon his findings which will be noted in a written report.

An expert witness provides all the information the attorney will need to take the case on to the next level if necessary. He or she will provide information on the extent of the injury, whether or not the injury can be repaired, how the injury was caused, if it was caused by malpractice in the case of a dental malpractice claim and how the injury can repaired. In addition, this person may also provide an estimate of how much time and money it will take to repair the damage.

Like dental expert witnesses, medical expert witness or a physician expert witness are retained by an attorney to evaluate the merits of a client's case. Typically, medical expert witnesses are retained in a medical malpractice case or in a case where personal injuries have been sustained.

In order to prove cause and connection, a medical expert witness has to review the medical record and determine if fact the sickness, injury or death was in fact caused by medical malpractice or caused in some other manner.

In most lawsuits, courts need medical expert witnesses to provide information to the jury in a manner that is easy for the jury to understand. Typically, a witness will provide in his or her professional opinion whether or not the resultant injury, sickness or death was caused by medical malpractice or by the person being sued. He or she will typically explain to the court and jury how he arrived at his conclusion in lay terms.

Dental expert witnesses and medical expert witnesses can be found by conducting a search for expert witnesses. There are many things to consider before retaining a medical professional. Most lawyers speak to several experts before retaining one. Lawyers will take the person's background into consideration. How long has he or she been in practice, what type of experience does he or she have and how long has he or she been providing services.

If suing for medical or dental malpractice or personal injuries sustained in some other manner, you will probably need the assistance of an expert. It is good to retain the services of a professional in the field as early in the case as possible, so a proper evaluation can be made. Experts play a very important role in any case where personal injuries have been sustained. Selecting the right type of doctor or dentist with the right background should be a top priority for anyone who is commencing a lawsuit.

Who Is Vladimir Antonov?

Vladimir Antonov was an unknown banker before he became a partner of Spyker 2007th Antonov is chairman of the Banks International Financial Group Convers Group and string.

Bank Snorkels bought in 2007 30% of the company that makes Spyker sports cars. Spyker is a profitable small car manufacturer that builds a few cars a year.

2009 General Motors began to sell off its European car factories. Saab, which was part of General Motors was approached by several interested businessmen.

The Swedish small car plant Koenigsegg Automotive AB, which produces 20 cars a year, opened negotiations with General Motors in summer 2009. Negotiations broke and General Motors.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller started negotiations with General Motors. The transaction could be carried out required the Swedish government endorsed the deal. Swedish government's investigation of Spyker suggested that co-owner of Spyker, Vladimir Antonov, had contacts with the Russian mafia.

According to Swedish newspapers were Vladimir Antonov Alexander Antonov father had been shot on the streets of Moscow. This would be because Alexander Antonov would testify in a trial on money laundering. Other information available is that the Antonov were involved in money laundering and having contacts with organized crime in Russia.

The report which was prepared by the U.S. firm Kroll commissioned by the Swedish government submitted to the Swedish security police, FBI who in turn submitted the report to the FBI. Two days after the report submitted to the Swedish Government decided that General Motors does not sell Saab to Spyker because of its linkage to Vladimir Antonov. General Motors began closing Saab just before Christmas 2009th January 2010 General Motors resumed talks with Spyker after Vladimir Antonov sold his shares in Spyker. However, Spyker large debts to Vladimir Antonov banking group.

Vladimir Antonov launched an attack on Western business leaders in The New York Times. Vladimir Antonov, claimed that the managers have prejudices against Russian banker.

Vladimir Antonov has devoted considerable effort to be cleansed. Two reports came in 2010 indicate that Vladimir Antonov has no connections to organized crime.

According to Swedish press reports, General Motors will reconsider its contract with Spyker, which prohibits the sale of the company of Vladimir Antonov.

Bridging Loans: Sound Financial Assistance to Clinch Lucrative Property Deals

There is a strange fixation when it comes to purchasing properties. Even though the price of real estate has skyrocketed and doubled up in the recent times, the craze for property is always there. However, for a person with a limited income, it might not be that easy to arrange the funds. Moreover, if you are on the verge of inking a deal and do not want to loose the opportunity to grab a property, the best you can do is to opt for bridging loans.

These loan cover the cash gap that occurs prior to the purchasing of a new property and selling the existing one. These loans are secured in nature and can be acquired only by pledging collateral, which can be your existing property.

Through the loans, you are free to derive any amount in the range of 100,000-400,000. al though the loan is secured against an asset, the repayment tenure too is short and falls in between a few months is in this period that you are required to sell your current property to repay the loan., the interest rate charged is marginally high, as the loans are made available for a short term period. However, these are interest only loans, where in you have to pay only the interest rates and not the principle amount. So, availing a low interest loan will be a definite advantage for you, as it will help you to save a considerable amount of money.

These loans are also made available to applicants with a history of bad credit such as CCJs, IVA, arrears; defaults etc. the interest rate charged on the loans will be high, considering the credit profile of the applicants. Besides, on ensuring timely repayment of the loan installments, these applicants have a chance to improve the credit score.

The best way to derive bridging loans is possible by using the online mechanism.. By applying online, you will be able to access lenders, who are willing to offer monetary assistance at competitive rates. Further by taking a little research of the market, you will be able to select a loan deal that suits your requirement.

With bridging loans, you can derive funds, which then will enable you to clinch a property deal in a hassle free manner. The loans are secured in nature and are open to bad credit borrowers as well.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live Your Dreams At Millionaire City

Do you want to be a millionaire? Every individual wishes to be one including me, who doesn't want it? However, if you can't acquire that in real life there are other alternatives in becoming one, try the game called millionaire city. If you can't obtain it in real life then at least the game will probably grant you the dream you always want it to be, a millionaire.
Facebook game developer, Digital Chocoloate presented us Millionaire City. A game that let us live with our fantasies and be a millionaire. the game is addictive which is influenced by a classic game Sim City with a social influence of the networking site Facebook. You start by creating your empire and naming it with anything you want. A real estate developer game which you will have a chance to expand your empire. Construct residential buildings from a small bungalow to a sky scrapper. Commercial buildings can be built beside big neighborhood to make the most of your daily earnings. You can get bigger bucks by signing a contract lease on your properties. Buy decorations and wonders and put beside your buildings to increase the percentage of the building cost.
For starters build your pizzeria around your residential houses. You will get a lot of money because of the residences nearby. Be sure to collect the money from your establishments every 3 minutes for you to save more for expansions. Add other business like pet shop, bowling, flowershops, and more when you level up. These establishments will unlock if you have arrive at a certain experience. Select the crowd buildings together as much as possible to fit more in less space. But if you want a beautiful city then more decorations is preferred for you without considering much higher income. Invite friends to play the game as well and invest with them. If a friend played the game it will be counted as a successful investment and it will not cost you much on buying another lot when you expand. Help friends daily to get more experience, invite them to become your business partners to have an additional experience every time you help them. Visit your financial adviser (Jewel/Ronald) daily for a bonus of 5000 bucks. Make businesses a centerpiece of your residential buildings and add decorations around them to increase profit and property values. Don't think there is a limit on building commercial properties; bear in mind that multiple commercial buildings can earn money from the same house.
Build roads first and plan to where you will put the buildings. You will end up moving them soon and it will cost you a lot of money to do that. Plan your move, plot out where your buildings would go and how much space it will need. Do not be lured by buildings that have a high base point and low tenants. It must be the other way around, build low base point with high tenants. If you have mistakenly positioned your buildings and houses wait until you expand and swap 10 golds to rearrange them for better strategy and get more income.

Brazilian Real Estate Market Investment Opportunities

With breaking news emerging that major airline, Etihad Airways, will be offering direct flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Sao Paulo from 2013, Brazilian Housetech Development companies have identified the UAE as a target for potential investors to invest in the Brazilian Real Estate Market.

The Brazilian Real Estate Market has opened its doors to the world in recent months as Brazil property investment opportunities continue to soar with the nation witnessing large scale growth. At present, Brazil has one of the most attractive property markets in the world with a number of experts identifying that house price growth in the country currently stands at 23.5%.

Sao Paulo alone is witnessing property prices growing at a rate of 18.7% on a yearly basis and with the news that a major UAE airline has seen the benefits of offering direct flights to Brazil, savvy Brazilian Housetech Development companies are looking to cash in on investors who will undoubtedly take advantage of better access to Brazil because of direct flights into the country.

Waseem Saddique comments: With the world in such a state of economic turmoil it's difficult for today's investor to know where to buy real estate. However, Brazil still retains the highly desired imbalance between supply and demand combined with affordable land prices and a domestically-driven economy. Investors, wherever they are in the world, especially the Middle East recognise this and are committing to projects such as Palm Springs, Natal.

Palm Springs already boasts 70% of its land plots sold, having been snapped up by a number of Brazilian middle and upper class nationals and presents itself as one of the most attractive Brazil property investment opportunities available.

Palm Springs is well renowned for its beautiful natural beaches and is ideally located just 20 minutes away from the location of the new international airport that is set to be built in nearby Natal.

In contrast to other Housetech Developments taking place across the area, much of the essential infrastructure is already in place and is approximately 60% complete. Land plots in the area are currently available at very affordable prices and Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) approved investment opportunities are very financially viable.

The area also offers a range of 2 and 3 bedroom luxury villas that can be bought at very low prices, which represent excellent value for money for any UAE investor looking to take advantage of the current state of the Brazil property market.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have Yourself A Personal Financial Timeline

Since day one of working as an employee, you've been working hard and disciplining yourself. You got promoted and experienced increases in your salary. You're finally at the coveted position known as in the black, which means you now earn more than you spend. Financial freedom is just around the corner for you. Because you actually bring in more than you bring out, you now have the chance to do something positive with your excess money, like building your pot of gold and paying off all your debts. Whether you're planning to invest or save up, you'll need to follow a timeline so that you would know what to do, how to do it, under a specified time. Like all timelines, here are the areas you need to focus on in order of importance.

Pay off debts with high-interest

Debt in itself is not destructive at all. In fact it helps a lot of people fill in some emergency expenses or lump sum needs. What makes debt troublesome is the interest rate attached to it. As a general rule, the longer you carry debt, the more money you will end up paying. Therefore, the first step in this timeline and towards financial freedom is paying off the money you owe, especially the ones with high-interest rates. These debts are easy to locate. Simply gather all your debt, make a list, and rank them according to interest rates. With the extra money you have, pay off the debt with the highest interest, and then down the list.

Pay off other debts

Corporations and small businesses share the same policy when it comes to their liabilities; they make sure their debts, whether short-term or long-term, are paid as soon as possible. If all liabilities can be paid in a month, then by all means, pay them off. This is how you should look at personal finance as well. Debt is never a friend when it comes to handling your finances. If you have debt, do not procrastinate and pay them right away. Even if there are small or no interest rates attached to the debt, make it a priority to settle them because it helps your well-being both emotionally and mentally to know that you're debt-free.

Create a savings account

For starters, try to set aside at least 10% of your income every time you receive a paycheck. If you're already doing that, try to increase the percentage that you save. Ten percent may seem small, but five years from now you'll be surprised at how huge your savings account would be if you practiced this step strictly. Further, the amount you accumulated over the years can be used to build an investment portfolio. To some people, savings and a retirement plan just don't cut it. If you're one of those people, then work your way towards having an investment portfolio to increase your assets. And what better way to start than having a savings account.

Plan for retirement

If your employer doesn't provide a 401(k), visit your local bank and set one up right away. Planning for retirement is crucial because the money you bring in is only temporary. Once you leave the company, you're salary goes along with it. To cushion this sudden disappearance of income, you should have a retirement plan like a 401(k) or a life insurance annuity policy. GP

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Car Wash Fundraiser Ideas

Car wash fundraisers are a proven money-maker in virtually every community. All you need are willing volunteers, a high-traffic location with good visibility, and some attention getting signs.

You can put a car wash fundraiser together on short notice, but they work best with a little planning. Here's how to get started...

Things To Do List
1- Line up a location with good main road frontage
2- Ensure it has suitable water access
3- Assemble supplies list hoses, buckets, wash towels, dry towels, squeegees
4- Assign each volunteer an item from the supplies list
5- Make 8-10 poster board signs in high-contrast colors
6- Arrange your volunteers in 2-hour shifts
7- Get advance publicity, if possible

How To List
1- Organize your group into teams - Promotion, Sales, Wash, Dry
2- Promotion team attracts new clients with signs
3- Sales team explains offer (use flyer for quick info) and up-sells clients
4- Wash team soaps, scrubs, and rinses each car
5- Dry team gets water residue off, vacuums, does tires, etc.
6- Have at least two lines so you can wash two or more cars at once
7- Wash cars for six to eight hours (Saturday 9:00 to 3:00 preferred)

Your fundraiser's success will depend on the weather. If you can wash 12 cars an hour (one every 10 minutes in each line), you can raise 0- 00 in one day.

Remember to put together a quick flyer that includes the reason why you're raising funds and clearly states the price. You can even offer some extra services such as providing high-gloss tire treatment or vacuuming interiors for an additional fee.

Car Wash Fundraiser - Success Tips
1- Location, location, location!
2- Sell car wash fundraiser tickets in advance
3- Use a flyer that clearly explaining why you're raising funds
4- List all prices concisely in large, bold type
5- Up-sell to include additional services
6- Partner with another group if your head count is low
7- Increase revenue with an extra offering such as a 2-for-1 pizza savings card

Alternatively, you can advertise a free car wash and just ask for donations for your cause.

Often, this can raise more cash than stating a specific price, because people will see a group of volunteers working hard and having a good time, and may part with their money more easily.

Final Advice
Make sure to keep the event fun for all your participants and your customers. Play upbeat music. Provide soft drinks and snacks to keep the energy level up.

Keep safety in mind. Be sure to get volunteers to hold and wave signs toward passing traffic, not just volunteers to wash cars.

If you have time, get your car wash fundraiser some publicity coverage in the local newspaper, or by posting signs a day or two in advance.

Financial Analyst Resume

Financial analyst resume in format and presentation is nothing different from any other resume. Scroll down to know more about this resume.

In the rat race to excel in the professional field these days, aspiring professionals do not leave a single stone unturned. One of the umpteen ways in which aspiring and ambitious candidates try and woo the employers is through the resumes. A well-crafted resume not only speaks volumes of your personality on the whole, but also portrays your strengths effectively. That is the crux of a resume, be it an architect, a marketing manager or a financial analyst. Talking of financial analyst, it is one of the hot jobs up for grabs in the career market. Why not then take a look at what a financial analyst resume writing is all about? Coming up is the text on the same!

What Does a Financial Analyst Do?
A financial analyst, simply put does an assessment and scrutiny of the profitability and stability of a business, or a project or even a sub business. This analysis can be done for inhouse clients or external clients by the financial analyst. 'Sell-side' analyst job is all about writing reports and notes giving opinions, while 'buy-side' does not need this. Financial analysts see the big picture and help a great deal in financial management.

Financial Analyst Resume Summary
The fact that you need to give your financial analyst skill sets, strengths and qualification and experience at a glance before the actual resume starts does not need to be told. It is absolutely inevitable. So if you are a financial analyst, with a good enough experience, may be you can write (if you have the qualifications) - Chief financial officer with 12 years of corporate accounting and management experience. Have an expertise in accounting systems development, financial reporting and fiscal management. Have developed and implemented financial and operational control which can improve Profit & Loss account. This has to be proved by record. Along with the resume attach the requisite documents.

Financial Analyst Resume Objective
The resume objective and the purpose may differ from one individual to another. But on the whole a financial analyst resume objective has to reflect clearly your career and professional aims and aspirations. For instance, the objective can be something like - To obtain a responsible and challenging position with a growing company where my work experience will be duly applied and appreciated, utilization of my opportunity for advancement will also be achieved. These two aspects are very very crucial, be it a financial analyst resume or even otherwise. These things may undergo a bit of change and will be altered in case it is, let us say a senior financial analyst resume. A senior financial analyst's resume will look pretty heavy duty, with a detailed description of job profile - reports handled, financial statements reviewed, contribution in financial planning and so on and a summary which will not be so short! On the other hand entry level financial analyst resume will have lesser job experience and less of things or rather achievements and major objectives to talk about.

Financial Analyst Resume Templates
The above factors are isolated now, let us take a look at what a financial analyst resume will need to have. In short what is included in a financial analyst resume template. These things are -
1. Contact information with full name, campus and permanent address, telephone numbers and email.
2. Career objective
3. Summary of qualifications and experience
4. Area of expertise
5. Achievements and accomplishments
6. Educational qualification and background
A financial analyst needs to have graduate level training in finance such as MSF or MBA degrees, or they are qualified accountants (that is CMA,CCA, ACCA, CGA or CA designation). Experience in the industry is most of the times preferred and that has a major impact on financial analyst salary.

This was about financial analyst resume or if you want to give it a more sophisticated, designation, you can say financial business analyst resume! At the end of the day it is all about your work experience and the career objective! All the best! I sign off here!