Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live Your Dreams At Millionaire City

Do you want to be a millionaire? Every individual wishes to be one including me, who doesn't want it? However, if you can't acquire that in real life there are other alternatives in becoming one, try the game called millionaire city. If you can't obtain it in real life then at least the game will probably grant you the dream you always want it to be, a millionaire.
Facebook game developer, Digital Chocoloate presented us Millionaire City. A game that let us live with our fantasies and be a millionaire. the game is addictive which is influenced by a classic game Sim City with a social influence of the networking site Facebook. You start by creating your empire and naming it with anything you want. A real estate developer game which you will have a chance to expand your empire. Construct residential buildings from a small bungalow to a sky scrapper. Commercial buildings can be built beside big neighborhood to make the most of your daily earnings. You can get bigger bucks by signing a contract lease on your properties. Buy decorations and wonders and put beside your buildings to increase the percentage of the building cost.
For starters build your pizzeria around your residential houses. You will get a lot of money because of the residences nearby. Be sure to collect the money from your establishments every 3 minutes for you to save more for expansions. Add other business like pet shop, bowling, flowershops, and more when you level up. These establishments will unlock if you have arrive at a certain experience. Select the crowd buildings together as much as possible to fit more in less space. But if you want a beautiful city then more decorations is preferred for you without considering much higher income. Invite friends to play the game as well and invest with them. If a friend played the game it will be counted as a successful investment and it will not cost you much on buying another lot when you expand. Help friends daily to get more experience, invite them to become your business partners to have an additional experience every time you help them. Visit your financial adviser (Jewel/Ronald) daily for a bonus of 5000 bucks. Make businesses a centerpiece of your residential buildings and add decorations around them to increase profit and property values. Don't think there is a limit on building commercial properties; bear in mind that multiple commercial buildings can earn money from the same house.
Build roads first and plan to where you will put the buildings. You will end up moving them soon and it will cost you a lot of money to do that. Plan your move, plot out where your buildings would go and how much space it will need. Do not be lured by buildings that have a high base point and low tenants. It must be the other way around, build low base point with high tenants. If you have mistakenly positioned your buildings and houses wait until you expand and swap 10 golds to rearrange them for better strategy and get more income.

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