Friday, July 6, 2012

Types Of Wallet Materials

A walletis an important accessory and is used by both men and women. In contrast to women who mostly place their wallet within the hand bags, men mostly place it in their breast, back, or coat pockets. In fact,walletsare an important accessory for men, as it reflects their overall personality. Hence, nowadays men take special care in selecting a wallet. Butchoosing a walletis not at all a tedious process, with a substantial range of options to choose from. For instance, if your choice is a trendy wallet, then options are open to you in the form of designer wallets. Likewise, if you need to carry a number of items in your wallet, then one of the best choices would be to opt for large organizer wallets, which help you to hold a variety of items such as cash, credit cards, and passport and that too in a well organized way.

However, if you give emphasis to quality of wallet, then it is important to determine the material used for its manufacture. Most popular among the materials used for the manufacture of wallets are leather, cotton, PVC, plastic, cotton, and nylon. Among these materials, most preferred is undoubtedly leather. Wallets made from leather, especially Italian leather, are a favorite among many people.Leather walletsare long lasting and are especially favored for its features such as exquisiteness, perfection, and durability. In deed, the price of leather wallets is exceptionally high.

Natural cotton walletsare a popular choice for those who cannot afford buying leather wallets. They are not only durable and attractive but also washable. Further, a cotton wallet is comfortable to carry and can easily hold items such as cash, credit cards, and ATM cards. Another cost effective yet stylish and versatile material used for designing wallet is PVC. PVC wallets make a good casual wallet. Further, due to its flexible features, PVC can be effortlessly printed and embossed.

When comes toplastic wallets, it is also cost-effective. A specialty of this type of wallet is that it protects your cash and other valuable information from getting wet. Also, a popular choice to keep your cash and other items moist-free is to use wallet made from nylon, with features such as waterproof and durability.

Above all, if you are looking for a complete wallet that stands out in terms of quality and safety features, theniWalletserves as the best option. Designed using materials such as carbon fiber and kevlar, iWallet is a tamper resistant, hard construction wallet that holds the distinction of being the only wallet developed by engineers thatwork in projects with NASA.The prime highlight of thishigh tech walletis that it could be opened only if itrecognizes your finger print.

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