Friday, October 26, 2012

How To Send Guaranteed Funds Through A Secure, Low-Cost International Wire

Easy, Secure and Low-Cost International Payments

An online international money transfer is a quick and hassle-free way to transfer funds between bank to bank no matter where they're located around the world. An international wire transfer is the best method to pay an individual or company because it:

Delivers funds faster than sending a bank draft via a mail courier.
Is more reliable than mailing funds overseas.
Guarantees funds are available when received because the recipient bank does not put the transfer on hold while waiting for the funds to clear.
Is more secure than cash transactions.
Provides an easy and efficient payment process.
Helps save money because it's less expensive than paying by cash, foreign checks or bank drafts.
Is easy to track online, giving the sender complete control of the process.

No matter if you need to send a payment to a family member overseas, or you need to order new parts to build your product, international wire transfers can speed up the process of getting the funds to that individual or vendor. Wire transfers are quick electronic transfers of monetary funds from one bank to another, so the funds are guaranteed at the receiving bank. The person you sent the funds to will have them in their bank account immediately, and the vendor you ordered the parts from can have them packed and ready to ship you the same day they receive their monies.

Saving Money With An International Wire Transfer

Wire transfers from the sending bank to the receiving bank will reflect the foreign currency exchange rates between the sender and receiver depending on the location. For example when an international wire is sent between the United Kingdom and the United States, a currency exchange rate converter will automatically convert pounds to dollars. The sender doesn't have to worry about foreign exchange rates such as converting Euros to dollars, because the international wire will automatically calculate the euro rate of exchange for the scheduled payment.

You can also save money by completing an international money transfer early in the day when the international currency exchange rate is fluctuating during the stock market opening, and sending a funds when the exchange rate is better for your local currency. Depending on when you complete the wire transfer, you can save money on the foreign exchange rates from the sending and receiving banks.

International payments can only be made between banks that hold reciprocal accounts with each other so if your bank doesn't offer that service, you will need to find out what bank the receiving bank works with to receive international money transfers. Most banks that manage international wires will allow the account holder to request an international payment via email, facsimile or phone.

Businesses around the world have used international wire transfers to their benefit, and the outcome has had a positive impact on international and domestic economic growth. International wire transfers help drive the daily foreign currency exchange rates, and stimulate the global economic market through quick international money transfers, ordered goods and global shipments. Millions of international wire transfers are completed daily around the world, and have become the preferred method to drive international currency exchanges.

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