Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time Management In Cbse Board Exam

Preparation for exams needs to start at the beginning of the academic session. Start by taking notes of classroom lectures and keep revising once in a while.

Explore the subject using library and Internet resources. This will enhance the understanding of the subject. Keep adding to the notes as you explore the subject. Prepare reference maps and diagrams.

Making a timetable and sticking to it is a must. Assign time to everything you do - study time, sleeping time, free time, and hobby hours. Make relaxing in-between your study schedules a habit. It is a good stress buster.

Lakhs of Students appeared for CBSE class X and XII examinations. Number of students are well prepared for board exam but unfortunately without scheduling the time of answering the question they miss some question to attempt, that will effect their grading. So before start answering the question makes time schedule to answer.

Following are some tips, which help to get the better result in cbse examination

1. Read Question Paper Very Carefully before start answering, give it around 15 minute.
2. Attempt those questions first, in which you are confident to give accurate answer
3. Do not attempt Question serial wise if u don't know their solution correctly

A balanced diet and proper sleep is must for relaxing the body. By doing so, you can prevent undue stress and can help better during exam time. Plan exactly what you want to accomplish during the study session despite of other activity session. Make a list of these tasks and stick to it during the study session. Break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable tasks. This will help you to maintain focus and complete the task quicker and easier.

The CBSE Board Exam of class 12th is being considered as one of the most crucial in the career of a student. After qualifying the class 10th exam, every student of CBSE Board has option to choose his/her career that whether he/she go in engineering field or medical field or finance field. This is a crucial time for him to decide the proper field.

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